Nutrition Coaching helps people understand more about food and how to eat for their individual goals and needs. I am not a nutritionist, nor a dietitian, nor a naturopath. Where some believe in meal plans and applying generic textbook knowledge to their clients, I take a different approach. My policy is to understand the individual needs of my clients and to help them create sustainable habits for their unique set of circumstances. No food is bad, no food is perfect, and no diet is best for everyone. Tell me about your lifestyle, and I’ll help you develop dietary habits that works for you.

Aside from my expertise in nutrition, I have a background in Kinesiology, I am a certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, and a competitive Strongman athlete. With this in mind, not only do I love helping people achieve their health and body composition goals, but their strength and performance goals as well.

As every one of my clients has different needs, I’ve evolved to offer a variety of services. At the end of the day, I want to help people be healthier and happier. Over the years I’ve gained the experience and expertise to help support people in different ways and I pride myself on being able to adapt to the needs of my clients.

If you’re hellbent on self-improvement, you are my ideal client. Although I’ve worked with many trainers and high-level athletes, the majority of my clients are everyday people like you and me. My experience in the field of athletics has given me a tremendous understanding of what it takes for the body to perform at an extremely high level and I apply this knowledge to all my clients, relishing the opportunity to help each and every one to fulfill their maximum potential.

Absolutely! As long as you have a goal to improve your health, appearance or performance, you’re in the right place! At the end of the day, I want to work with people who are serious about improving their lives. Even if you have concerns about will power or discipline, I’m also adept at helping people realize their ideal mindset and love helping people create the action plan they need for success. If you’re serious about your goals, I’ll be seriously motivated to help you achieve them!

I primarily offer Nutrition and Health Coaching and work with every day people. I also offer Online Strongman Coaching for aspiring athletes, but this makes up a much smaller part of my business.

I coach people! As mentioned, if you’re willing to commit to your goals, I’m willing to help you get there. Coaching men is very different from coaching women, but I have no preference one way or another. My bottom line is to first focus on health and that approach universally leads to results.

Absolutely not, but thanks for asking! If you come to me with this question I’ll challenge your reasoning for chasing such a goal. Stage shows are NOT for everyone (despite what that money-grabbing guy at the gym might have told you), so unless you have the right genetics and an actual chance to pursue this as an athlete, save your health and sanity and choose a new goal.

Anything is possible, it’s simply about putting the right habits in place to achieve your goals. What’s your timeline? What are your social priorities? How lean do you plan to get? As a general rule of thumb there is always a period of “suck” when it comes to losing weight: You have to ensure that you’re in a caloric deficit and you have to be consistent with this for several weeks- not one week, not two weeks, but ten, twelve, fifteen weeks. Does this mean you can’t go out and be with friends? Absolutely not. But it does mean that you need to develop the habits of passing on certain foods and drinks, prioritizing sleep and staying active. Do these habits have to last forever? They definitely don’t, but for the few weeks where your #1 priority is making serious progress, you’ll need to be dedicated to the big picture. If you want results on a timeline you can get there, but you have to understand that there are short-term sacrifices.

Most of my clients aren’t looking to get huge. Most clients are either looking to lose body fat, or maintain a current weight while increasing performance. Here’s a secret though: getting stronger correlates to better body composition. You don’t have to get huge, but getting stronger will almost always help you lose fat!

No, I am not. Meat is the healthiest and most nutrient-dense food source for humans. I don’t believe in supplementation when you can get what you need through a well-balanced diet. I educate and coach my clients to their goals in the most efficient manner and this universally involves the consumption of at least some animal products. I’m also happy to help my clients source local and sustainable meat production, as this is always best for both health and the environment. If your top priority is animal welfare I completely respect that, but I choose to coach people who prioritize their own health and well-being over that of animals.

If you regularly ask people this question, pull yourself together.

Sustainable, permanent results. The benefit that I provide will always outweigh the cost.

I’m a good person with a objective mindset. I treat my clients with compassion and respect without coddling negativity or self-deprecation. My goal is to educate and instill confidence so that my clients can move forward as quickly as possible without second-guessing the new habits they’ve developed. I have learned from some of the best institutions, associations and coaches and have a wealth of experience that I can apply to people from all walks of life. Plus, I have a sense of humour and know that at the end of the day, we’re all just people trying to make the most of the finite time we’ve been given. If you’re not trying to improve your life, what are you doing?

Are you ready to make a change?

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