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The Health Benefits of Eggs

 The content of this article was originally published on The Huffington Post in March 2013.Spoiler alert! Eggs are not bad for your cholesterol, nor are they bad for your health. Feel free to take my word for it, or read … Read More

The Keys to Sustainable Weight Loss

  This article was originally published at The Huffington Post Are you gaining weight despite “doing all the right things?” When it comes to fat loss, more exercise and less food is not always the answer. Although this approach makes … Read More
food costs

Eat Well, Save Money

This article was originally published at The Huffington Post “Eating healthy is too expensive!” As someone who has been involved with fitness since my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology, I’ve heard this statement countless time. Now as a Nutrition Coach, I … Read More
organic meat

Organic Meat: Worth the Cost?

Article from Inside Fitness Magazine, APRIL 2016 [ INSIDEFITNESSMAG.COM ] 152-153 BY DAIN WALLIS @DainWallis In one hand, I have a 500-gram package of chicken breasts for $7.00. In my other hand, I have another 500-gram package of chicken breasts priced at … Read More