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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 001: Let’s Talk About Poop, with Jackie Mirkopoulos

When it comes to health, poop is a big deal. In today’s episode, your Move Daily Health Coaches welcome Jackie Mirkopoulos, co-founder of Evolve Holistic, to talk about digestion. What is “normal” digestion? Do you suffer from bloating, constipation or … Read More

Embracing Caloric Restriction for Weight Loss

Restrict calories. Promote nutrients.Lose weight. Gain health. Caloric restriction has become somewhat controversial. With Social Media at the helm of daily influence, tight bodies abound but mental health and eating disorders are very real concerns. Mere mention of the word … Read More

Intuitive Health: Bloating

What do you do when bloating occurs?Do you treat the cause? Or just silence a symptom? Article originally posted and published at Move Daily Health Coaching. In a time of quick fixes, we see them everywhere we go. Are you … Read More

Gut Health: Digestive System 101

Do you understand your digestive system?Here’s what’s behind your abdominal wall. Article originally posted and published at Move Daily Health Coaching. Health is multi-faceted, but one of the most important drivers of overall health is the digestive system. For the … Read More

Frozen Vegetables For The Win
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Do you think fresh vegetables are more nutritious?Let’s set the record straight about frozen vegetables. From a young age, most of us are encouraged to eat our vegetables. Despite this early emphasis, most children and adults alike fail to meet … Read More

Nutrition 101: A Simple Guide to Food Prep

Trying to get your diet on track?From the grocery store to the kitchen, here’s your complete guide to food prep.   Dietary success doesn’t come from meal plans or willpower, but instead comes about with the right mindset and habits. … Read More

ProCoach: Precision Nutrition Coaching Software

Looking for daily accountability for your goals?Precision Nutrition coaching software is the guide you need. ProCoach is the exact Precision Nutrition coaching software and curriculum used by industry-leading PN to help nearly 100,000 coaching clients improve their health and achieve … Read More

How To Measure Body Weight Without Going Insane

Are you afraid to measure your weight loss progress?Normal human body weight fluctuates every single day. Here’s how to measure body weight without going crazy… From a young age, we are taught that a lower number on the scale is … Read More

How To Find a Great Personal Trainer

Do you need to lose weight or get healthy?Here’s how to find a great Personal Trainer in your area. The current health system is reactionary, which is why people aren’t getting help before it’s too late and they’re overweight and … Read More

Do you need a Nutrition Coach, Nutritionist or Dietitian?

Not sure of the difference between a Nutrition Coach, Nutritionist or Dietitian?Here’s how to find the right practitioner for you… There are several different professionals who help people with food and diet, but the terms Nutrition Coach, Nutritionist or Dietitian … Read More

What is a Nutrition Coach?

Not just someone who dishes out meal plans…But a true leader in preventative health care If you landed on this page, you’re likely looking for someone who can help you with your health and fitness goals. In a nutshell, this … Read More

Stop Snacking to Lose Weight

Are your habits sabotaging your weight-loss success?Here’s the one simple change that can help: Stop. Snacking. One of the most common issues that I see in my daily practice as a Nutrition & Health Coach is the belief that eating … Read More

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