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Diagnosis: High Cholesterol. Now What?

What is cholesterol and why are high levels a problem? Here’s what you need to know about this highly-nuanced topic. What is Cholesterol? Cholesterol is a fat-like molecule that is essential for human life. It is required by the human body in several ways: Given that cholesterol does not dissolve well in blood (due to…
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Why Weight Loss Won’t Make You Happy

Does a focus on weight loss enhance well-being? Or does it distance us from what matters most? As we’ve discussed in previous articles, the weight loss industry is massive. While there are benefits to be derived from weight loss in certain circumstances, it has been upsold to us as a panacea for improved health and…
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Rethinking Weight Loss

Is a focus on weight loss the best path to health? At some point in life we all look in the mirror and have the thought: “I need to lose weight”. Over time we all develop our own image of what an ideal body looks like, but one pervasive societal message drives the narrative: If…
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The Complete Protein Guide

Everything you need to know about dietary protein This article will cover the following topics: The importance of dietary protein The factors that increase or decrease your personal protein needs A simple way to calculate your personal protein needs How to identify an appropriate amount of protein per meal A downloadable cheat sheet for protein…