Move Daily Mini Podcast: Health & Fitness FAQ #1

Not enough time for a full podcast? These 15-minute Mini Podcast Health & Fitness FAQs are just what you need!

In today’s episode Freyja & Dain discuss pain, fasting, plant-based diets, and more.

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Show Notes

0:40 – Do you need to track calories to be healthy?

1:45 – Does core strength solve back pain?

3:40 – Is plant-based better for both health and the environment?

5:45 – Is there an ideal posture for sleep?

8:00 – Is fasting good for weight loss?

9:35 – Is pain always a sign of tissue damage?

12:00 – Is meat necessary for a healthy diet?

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Dain Wallis is a Nutrition & Health Coach from Toronto, Canada and the author of Unbreakable Strongman. An expert in nutrition and change psychology, Dain's mandate is to educate his clients while empowering them to make sustainable changes reflective of their individual goals and aspirations. An avid strength athlete, Dain is also a 2-time Canadian Strongman Champion.