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Move Daily Health Podcast s2e07- How to Age Well, with Move Daily

Are you concerned about aging? What assumptions about the future might be holding you back in the present?

In today’s episode Freyja & Dain discuss how to age well, dispelling common myths and challenging unhelpful beliefs.

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Show Notes

2:00 – The subjective beliefs surrounding aging. What are your preconceived notions?

4:00 – Freyja’s experience with aging.

8:20 – Dain’s experience with aging.

11:30 – We discuss how movement (or a lack thereof) slows down- or speeds up- aging.

16:00 – How movement prevents the brain from aging

20:25 – Does metabolism slow down with aging? We discuss the research.

23:00 – What drains your body vs. charges you up?

25:15 – Is pain inevitable with age?

29:30 – What kind of verbiage do you use around painful body parts?

32:40 – Are you just waiting for someone else to “fix you”?

35:10 – Do you identify as your pathology?

40:45 – Is weight gain inevitable with age? We discuss the real causes of weight gain, and what to do instead.

45:00 – What beliefs do you have that hold you back from daily movement?

49:20 – Picture the things you want to be doing later in life; what can you do now to make sure you can do those things then?

52:00 – Ageism = not cool. You can change and improve at any age! Stay curious!

58:10 – Do food intolerances come with age? Or what other factors might be causing dietary issues?

100:30 – Book recommendation:

Successful Aging by Daniel Levitin

101:25 – Recap

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