Move Daily Health Podcast s2e04 – How to Manage hEDS & HSD, with Move Daily

Join Freyja & guest-host Taylor as they discuss hypermobility type EDS and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders (HSD).

What it’s like to live with an invisible illness

Pros and Cons to diagnosis

Movement needs, Nutrition needs, Bracing and Treatment

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Show Notes

1:00– What are hEDS & HSDs?

4:15 – Taylor describes her hEDS story

10:20 – The signs and struggles of growing up with an invisible illness

20:00 – Freyja & Taylor speak to the process (& limitations) with hEDS diagnosis

23:00 – The pros and cons of living with an invisible illness

25:00 – Would an early diagnosis process make things better or worse for people with hEDS & HSD?

32:00 – How labels can hurt people, or help with the right mindset

34:50 – The importance of movement for people with hEDS & HSD, and also of “breaking up” with harmful movement inputs

41:00 – Freyja discusses the key input of movement variability (and safety) for hypermobile bodies

44:40 – Why pain often causes people to move less when it may actually be a signal that more movement is needed

52:20 – We talk braces & mobility aids to the hEDS & HSD populations

58:45 – How to identify appropriate manual treatment techniques for hypermobile bodies

1:02:34 – Taylor and Freyja speak to the importance of nutrition for hEDS & HSD

1:10:30 – Freyja divulges her most impactful, obscure and accessible tools for hEDS

1:14:00 – Taylor shares her most impactful, obscure and accessible tools for hEDS

1:17:20 – Freyja’s book recommendation: The Trifecta Passport by Amber Walker

1:19:00 – Taylor’s book recommendation: The Body Keeps the Score, by Bessel van der Kolk

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