Move Daily Health Podcast s2e03 – How to Change your Stimulus to Change your Life, with Move Daily

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How do your inputs dictate your outputs?

Inputs include much more than movement or nutrition: Sleep, News, Work, Stress, Postures, Environment, Hydration and more go into making you well or unwell.

If you’re unsatisfied with your outputs (life performance), join Dain and Freyja as they discuss how to determine your inputs to impact your outputs.

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Show Notes

1:25 – What do we mean by inputs & outputs?

4:45 – What does your *unique* organism require?

7:00 – How to reverse engineer the inputs you need to get the outputs you’re looking for

9:00 – The importance of social support systems (and avoidance of biased information *cough cough social media* in avoiding the guilt-shame cycle and staying objective about your necessary inputs

12:30 – Chicken and egg situation: Are you focusing on the *true* input that’s affecting your outputs/goals/results?

20:00 – How to effectively use supplements (or not)

23:15 – Why your body isn’t “bad” and why this thought process indicates you need to reconsider your inputs

33:15 – Are you physically able to do all the things you want to do every day?

36:50 – If your body had a voice, what would it tell you it did today?

38:40 – The problem with strict diets

42:20 – Dain breaks down a few of the top filters to use when it comes to nutrition inputs

50:30 – Dain’s nutrition homework: Shape your environment to facilitate success

51:55 – Freyja’s movement homework: Add more movement snacks into your days

56:00 – How to sustain success

58:25 – Recap

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