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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 41: Pain Principles & Self-Management

move daily health podcastIn today’s episode, Freyja and Dain sit down to discuss pain principles and how to best self-manage pain and injuries during periods of time (like lockdown) when you might not have access to a practitioner.

What factors heighten pain sensitivity?

Does pain always equate evenly to tissue damage?

How can you manage chronic injuries without access to your practitioner?

Tune in today as we answer these questions and more, on the latest episode of the Move Daily Health Podcast.

Show Notes:

0:00 – Podcast explanation and disclaimers

2:00 – The difference between passive treatment and active treatment

4:00 – Explaining tissue adaptation

6:15 – Factors that heighten pain sensitivity

10:00 – Freyja explains how pain does not equate to tissue damage

12:30 – Disclaimer on use of NSAIDs and anti-histamines

14:20 – What daily stimuli are your body more or less exposed to during lockdown?

16:00 – The importance of nasal breathing for pain and anxiety management

22:40 – Overcoming the fear of movement

24:00 – A personal anecdote on pain sensitization (not for the faint of heart)

27:30 – Freyja explains how movement changes pain sensation

29:30 – Reflexive relaxation techniques to down-tune the nervous system (classical music for the win!)

32:30 – Recap of relaxation and down-tuning techniques

33:45 – Disclaimer on over-treatment

35:00 – Go to the floor & reduce loads on joints to facilitate self-management techniques

36:30 – Quick hits for back pain

38:10 – Quick hits for shoulder & neck pain

41:25 – Quick hits for hip, knee & foot pain

42:55 – Be nice to yourself

43:30 – Freyja’s book and podcast recommendations:

– The Polyvagal Theory, by Stephen Porges

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