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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 35: Understanding & Overcoming Cravings

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In today’s episode, Freyja and Dain sit down to discuss cravings, regarding both food and exercise. Are cravings genetic? What is your body really trying to tell you?

From salt cravings and snacking to runner’s high and adrenaline rushes, we touch base on the cravings that- when left unchecked- consistently lead a decline in health. Tune in today to see what the research says, and how you can best understand and overcome the cravings that might be holding you back.

Show Notes:

0:00 – What are cravings?

1:00 – Myths about food cravings

2:00 – What about salt cravings?

3:50 – Are cravings genetic?

5:40 – What are the biggest triggers for cravings?

6:10 – How to avoid snacking.

7:25 – What about caffeine cravings? Is a lack of sleep associated with cravings?

8:20 – Why water intake is important for fighting off cravings.

9:00 – Summary for how to overcome food cravings.

10:25 – How much water per day do we actually need?

11:45 – What about adrenaline/endorphin cravings from exercise? Do you always need HIIT training or always need to go for a long run?

15:30 – How to feed an adrenaline/endorphin craving without beating up your body.

17:30 – Craving the weights? Here’s how to scratch that itch without succumbing to injury.

21:00 – We speak to the importance of mobility work and recovery days.

23:00 – Words are powerful. Check how you’re addressing your exercise choices.

24:20 – We summarize exercise cravings, and how to counterbalance to take great care of your body over time.

26:30 – Our book recommendation regarding cravings and habit change:

– Atomic Habits, by James Clear

27:00 – Freyja’s self-care advice to help manage exercise cravings: Hire a coach.

28:00 – Dain’s self-care advice to help manage food cravings: Don’t bring the wrong food into the house.

28:40 – Freyja’s one piece of health advice: Don’t box yourself into one movement modality.

29:40 – Dain’s one piece of health advice: Reverse engineer your schedule to make sleep priority #1

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