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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 28: HIIT Exercise and Health w/ Professor Martin Gibala

HIIT exercise and healthToday we welcome to the show world-renowned exercise researcher and author of The One Minute Workout, Martin Gibala, Ph.D.

Professor Gibala has published more than 100 peer-reviewed articles and has received multiple awards for teaching excellence. Today we dig into his research on the health benefits of high-intensity interval training: Why it’s a valuable tool for health, who it can benefit, and how you can get started. Tune in today and expand your healthspan!


Show Notes:

0:00 – Who is Professor Martin Gibala and how did he get into HIIT exercise research?

2:15 – We cover the difference between aerobic vs. anaerobic exercise

4:00 – Can you (should you?) train for a marathon by using only interval training?

5:25 – We discuss what “intensity” truly means (Hint: it’s different for everyone!)

8:00 – Do you need a bike to do HIIT exercise? Or can you apply interval training to other exercise modalities?

10:00 – The beneficial psychology of interval training- anyone can do it and be successful!

11:00 – How to determine how hard you need to work to reap the benefits of HIIT exercise

14:00 – We discuss the importance of doing any form of exercise, whether it’s intervals or not

16:30 – Why you should embrace “movement snacks” throughout your day! You don’t need an hour for a workout, just doing 1 minute of exercise can have massive benefits.

19:30 – Is HIIT exercise effective and safe for aging and populations and those with chronic disease like diabetes or cardiac risk? (Hint: YES)

24:30 – We explore why HIIT training is so incredibly effective for these aging and at-risk populations (low mitochondrial capacity, low cardiorespiratory fitness, etc.)

27:45 – Why don’t we see interval training in public health guidelines?

30:45 – Do men respond to HIIT exercise better than women?

34:00 – Would you like to reap the benefits of interval training? Here’s how to start.

35:00 – We discuss our experiences with Tabata interval training.

35:45 – Martin’s top 4 bodyweight exercises for interval training.

37:00 – We speak to the benefits of bodyweight training modalities.

38:20 – What drives Martin Gibala?

39:20 – Martin’s book recommendation (via Dain):

– The One Minute Workout, by Martin Gibala

40:00 – Professor Gibala’s non-negotiable daily self-care tool: Physical Activity.

41:15 – Martin’s one piece of health advice (this is good stuff!)

44:15 – Where you can find Professor Martin Gibala.

More about Professor Martin Gibala:

Martin Gibala, Ph.D., is world-renowned exercise researcher and author of The One Minute Workout. He is a professor and chair of the Kinesiology Department at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario.

His research on the physiological and health benefits of high-intensity interval training has attracted immense scientific attention and worldwide media coverage. Professor Gibala has published more than 100 peer-reviewed articles, the results of which have been featured by countless major news outlets.

He is frequently invited to speak at international scientific meetings and has received multiple awards for teaching excellence, and as such we are honoured to have him on the podcast today.

Connect with Martin Gibala, Ph.D.:


Hacking Exercise for Health (online course)

Twitter: @GibalaM

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