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Move Daily Health Podcast Episode 25: The Pillars of Health (1-year Anniversary!)

move daily health podcastToday we release our 25th episode and celebrate our 1-year anniversary! We’ve had some great guests over the past year but today we thought we’d take a moment to reflect and to discuss the Move Daily approach to Health Coaching: Our Pillars of Health.

Although our Instagram page may look like all we do is host podcasts (and we’ll work to fix this in the new year!), our core competency is Health Coaching. Tune in today to learn about our journey, how we work with clients, and to explore some of the lesser-considered aspects of our lifestyles that can have major impacts on true, deep health.

Show Notes:

In today’s podcast we cover:

  • It’s our 1-year Podcast Anniversary!
  • What is Health Coaching?
  • How did Freyja and Dain become Health Coaches?
  • Why was Move Daily created?
  • We break down the Move Daily 5 Pillars of Health:
    • Movement
    • Nutrition
    • Sense of Self
    • Community
    • Stillness
  • Thank you for listening and we look forward to another great year of conversations!

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