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Caffeine and Health: How Coffee Is Making Women Fat

I bet you don’t even know why you drink coffee. Be honest. After polling clients and friends, I found that most people started drinking coffee seemingly because it’s “an adult thing to do”, almost a rite of-passage into adulthood.

There is a problem with coffee, however, which no one wants to acknowledge: too much can have negative consequences. While it improves health and body composition in some, it contributes to weight gain and disease in others. There is an incredible amount of individual variability when it comes to caffeine and health, which is what I’m going to explain in this article. At the end of the day, if I’ve learned one thing from female friends and clients, it’s that women can only thrive when coffee consumption is under control.

Trust me, I need coffee…

I feel your struggle. Coffee gives us caffeine, which affects us physiologically by reducing fatigue, increasing blood pressure and inducing alertness, but it also impacts us psychologically by making us feel energetic and prepared. The “need” to drink coffee every morning stems from a desire for these physical sensations, but more notably, as the result of the psychological dependence developed through weeks of consistent abuse. After developing this tolerance and becoming addicted, a lack of caffeine will make you feel tired, weak, and bring on splitting headaches if you go too long without a java hit. The undiscussed part of this morning-stimulating story is that the human body produces the same effects as caffeine every morning in the presence of a natural cortisol spike, which occurs 30 minutes after waking[1]. Morning coffee may intensify the effects of this spike, but a cup of joe’s main job is to fend off symptoms of withdrawal (which feels great). You may think you need coffee, but in reality, your body is just craving a drug…

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