Are you ready for a change?

Feel your best and regain your health with support from a world-class Nutrition Coach


Learn & Understand

Information is plentiful but without context. A Nutrition Coach will help you decipher what information matters for you.

Gain Awareness

Our daily thoughts and actions define us. A Nutrition Coach will help you bring conscious attention to the areas of life that impact you the most.

Develop Skills

Working consistently on appropriate daily actions builds confidence in the abilities you need to support long-term success.

Feel better

A Nutrition Coach will make sure your goals are in line with your personal values so that you’re working on what makes you feel best.

Dain Wallis Canada's Nutrition Coach

Step one is wanting to be your best.

Step two is finding a professional to help.

Dain Wallis is a Certified Nutrition Coach and has helped thousands of people reconnect with their bodies and rediscover true wellbeing.


I just couldn’t lose the last 10 pounds hanging around after two children. Dain teaches you how to read your own body and respond to it in an effective way. I lost the 10 pounds and gained some vital life skills. Thanks Dain!
Suzanne Cheng
Interior Designer & Educator
I look better, feel better and most importantly, I’m now in great health!
Bruce Freeman
“With Dain’s help I lost 13 lbs in just 2 months while hitting all my goals: I got stronger, accentuated my curves and looked just how I wanted for beach season!”
Chartered Professional Accountant

From professionals and executives, to athletes and trainers, Dain Wallis helps a wide range of people find their way to better health and wellbeing.

dain wallis nutrition coaching

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