Behind every good Nutrition Coach should be satisfied clients. From athletes and trainers, to professionals and executives, here's what former clients have to say about Canada's Nutrition Coach:

Robert Moody

Dain helped me lose 45 lbs in six months while improving my strength in preperation for competing at the Arnold Sports Festival World Amateur Strongman Championships. I came in 10th in the World and couldn't have done it without Dain. He was always available when I had questions and queries and made sure I stayed on track.

- Robert Moody, Canadian Armed Forces and Strongman


Jamie Snow

I came to Dain looking for help with my nutrition and came away with so much more.
It's great to say you know what "proper nutrition" is, but it's even better to understand that "proper nutrition" is different for every individual. I think it's even more important to understand that there is a big difference between simply preaching change and actually coaching through meaningful habits that can lead to change. I signed on for a nutrition coach but I now work with a friend who's there when I need him and who truly cares about how I'm doing and feeling.
Dain has helped me reach a place where I am not only happy with what my body looks like, but how it feels and performs. I am stronger, leaner and more energized than I've felt in a long time and I have Dain to thank for a lot of that.

- Jamie Snow, Trainer & General Manager, Fuel Training Club


Bruce Freeman

When my doctor suggested statins for my cholesterol levels I began to work with Dain to see if I could avoid going down that path. At my next follow-up appointment my blood markers had improved so dramatically that prescription drugs were no longer necessary! I look better, feel better and most importantly, I'm now in great health!

- Bruce Freeman, Orthodontist


Warren Moore

I was referred to Dain in December 2014 by Sean Kelly, the owner of Fortis Fitness. I wanted to try some strongman training and Sean said Dain was the man. I was suffering from job-related (I'm a firefighter) PTSD symptoms at the time including depression and vertigo. Dain showed me the basics of strongman training and I quickly improved in every lift. I got stronger and ended up setting a new personal best in the deadlift of 465 lbs, a number I never thought I would reach especially at the age of 46. I was impressed with Dain's knowledge and skilled eye as a trainer, and I've been a trainer myself for 23 years. Most of all however I was thoroughly pleased with Dain's positivity and professionalism. It couldn't have been easy to coach me during that dark period of my life. Dain was always early, ready with wit, charm, and a well-calculated program for the day. He even stayed late with me many times as I had difficulty dragging my sorry ass through some of those workouts. With Dain's program and assistance I was able to get through the depression, and maintain my training momentum on my own until I was able to return to work and also get back to competing in my favourite sport, the firefighter combat challenge where just this past weekend, I won a gold medal in my age category at the Atlantic Regional event. Thank you Dain for all your help and friendship

- Warren Moore, Firefighter and Crossfit Coach


Freyja Spence

As a coach and athlete, I believe nutrition to be paramount in any training program. As such, I started working with Dain to dial in my nutrition with the aim of improving recovery and performance. His attention to detail, timely responses, and depth of knowledge is exactly what I needed. In turn, my performance this season far surpassed the goals I initially set and is a direct reflection of the nutrition plan Dain developed. Dain’s approach to nutrition is one that addresses all aspects of his clients needs in order to create realistic and sustainable plans. There are no cookie-cutter programs sent out en-masse. He is thorough, prompt, adaptable to each case, and his passion for setting clients up to succeed is evident.

- Freyja Spence, DTS Lead Instructor and Strength Coach



With Dain's help I lost 13 lbs in just 2 months while hitting all my goals: I got stronger, accentuated my curves and looked just how I wanted for beach season!

Dain's approach was simple and easy to implement. I didn't have to overhaul my lifestyle and had the flexibility to enjoy myself while staying on track. His nutrition plan was perfectly tailored to his programming in the gym and the results speak for themselves! I highly recommend Dain as a coach for anyone looking to get stronger or look better and have no doubt that he'll help you achieve both!

- Michelle, Chartered Professional Accountant


Nicolas Gilen

With Dain's knowledge and expertise I improved my overall strength and rapidly hit a new PR on my deadlift- 192.5kg! Furthermore, I lost body fat in the process which was an unexpected bonus!

As a coach, Dain is one of the hardest working people I know and his dedication to his clients is unmatched. No matter the question, Dain always seems to find a way to relate. He doesn't just give advice; he takes the time to fully clarify key concepts to give you total confidence in your actions and plan. He's helped me become a better trainer and I'd recommend his services to anyone!"

- Nicolas Gilen, Head Coach, L'Usine Gym Brussels, Belgium


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