Low-Carb vs. Low-Fat, Part 2: Finding Your Best Diet

Paleo. Atkins. Zone. Dukan. Bodybuilding. Raw. South Beach. Weight Watchers. If It Fits Your Macros. Carb Backloading. The list of diets is never-ending and for each one you research, you’ll find gushing testimonials: “It worked for me, you’ve got to … Read More

Breakfast: The Most Important Domino of the Day

I’ve been coaching clients for several years now, long before I became associated with Body IO®. I’m a huge proponent of Carb Backloading™ (CBL), as it was the catalyst for my ascent in the sport of Strongman, so clients are always … Read More

How To Be Strong and Healthy: Eat Your Spinach!

In my unapologetic opinion, vegetarianism is an inefficient and myopic concept. Vegetables alone do not provide the energy, protein or fats required to sustain an optimal and healthy human existence. Produce is a garnish and, at best, a sidekick to … Read More

Healthy Detox 101: Why Cleanses Are Crap

A couple years ago I wrote an article for the Huffington Post on cleanses and how to give your body a healthy detox. The more clients I work with, the more research I read and the more I grow to … Read More

Creating Success: How To Grocery Shop & Meal Prep

When I first started helping people with their nutrition (many moons ago), my approach started with meal plans. If someone came to me asking what they should eat, I’d whip up a plan and throw it at them with the … Read More

Caffeine and Health: How Coffee Is Making Women Fat
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I bet you don’t even know why you drink coffee. Be honest. After polling clients and friends, I found that most people started drinking coffee seemingly because it’s “an adult thing to do”, almost a rite of-passage into adulthood. There … Read More

HER Body™ Podcast #18 with Dain Wallis | Longevity for Health and Sport – Body IO ®

What type of preparation is needed for competitive sports? How can you sustain your health for sports and life? In today’s HER Body™ episode, AJ and Alex chat with fellow Body IO® coach, Dain Wallis, about the training and preparation … Read More

Are Your Workouts Making You Fat? – Body IO ®

  I see her in the gym every day. Let’s call her Sarah. She arrives in her heels and business casual attire, changes into her sneakers and Lulu gear, and begins to stretch and roll out on the gym floor. … Read More

How To Be Thirty, Single and Happy

If you look around the Internet you’ll find that most advice for the 30-something crowd centers around how to find your future mate. Why nobody is talking about how enjoyable and acceptable it is to be happy, in lieu of … Read More

Feigned Love: The Art of Settling

  Worried that you’re settling? Not sure if you’re in love or just going through the motions? Speaking from experience, here is your guide to the Art of Settling…. Read the entire article here at the Huffington Post: Feigned Love: … Read More

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